Danser sa vie


Experimental fiction

A film by Nina Eleonora Claes
Year: 2017

Running Time: 17:11 min

The house groans and the wind is whispering. Outside, dawn breaks and leaves rustle in the first light. The worlds of two women collide. Their encounter sets the air in motion and lets nature speak. Danser sa vie is a visual narrative, a search for slowness away from solitude. A poetic dance in time and space that reveals traces of beauty beyond words. What speaks up if silence takes hold?

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Image & editing

Sound recording

Production manager

Sound editing

Sound design

Sound mixing

Color grading

Graphic design
Set photography





Music recording & mix

Advice & support

Editing advice


Truusje Graste, Sara Lam

Nina Eleonora Claes

Lukas De Clerck

Jolien Naeyaert

Inja Laureys, Lukas De Clerck

Els Viane

Michel Coquette

Nico Poedts

Céline Abbeloos
Simon Debbaut

Ruben De Gheselle

Birgit Eecloo

Ruben de Gheselle

Ana-Florence Van Craen

Pieter Dewulf

Anouk De Clercq, Martine Huvenne,
Hilde D'haeyere

Tom Denoyette, Anouk Declercq